Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lessons from my Food

I recently purchased a new kitchen board for making my own bread.  The board was something I had custom made by a local wood crafter, duplicating a cheaply made one that came with a cheap kitchen cart years ago.  I liked the design of the original one, so it was worthwhile to me to have one made with better wood and finishing.  I cannot help but wonder why objects that are well designed still get made with subpar materials.  I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for."

My intent in making my own bread is part of a continuing project to eat better.  Not only does the quality of the flour, yeast, butter, etc. affect the final product, I feel that the tools used make a difference too.  I know that I am more willing to devote the time in the kitchen when I have well designed, quality, beautiful utensils to work with.  The same goes for my textile art.  My sewing machines would get packed with lint from cheap thread, causing damage to parts that are difficult to replace.  The quality of the fabric that I use will not get hidden in the final product.

Whether it is making bread, making a craft or learning the skills for these pursuits, we need to remember to take the time for them.  Our society is tuned too much towards instant gratification.  As frustrating as it may be, most things in our lives just don't work that way.

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