Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Mid-winter Evening's Rambling

After getting snowed out two weeks ago, I finally had my local artists and crafters gathering at the library where I work.  The event was a success, and I think that most everyone who participated is open to getting together in the future.  There are a lot of creative individuals in this rural area, and they are makers in a variety of media.  March is National Craft Month, so we will definitely plan something for that. 

In keeping with my obsession with making beautiful and useful things, I am reading the recently published Craeft, by Alexander Langlands (W.W. Norton, 2017).  I'm glad to know that the maker movement is worldwide, the book is from a British author.  In my region of the States, the Foxfire collection documenting Appalachian craft and stories is still sought after.  It appears that it doesn't take too much effort to garner interest in creative pursuits, the tough part is carrying the interest through to actually learning how to do something and keeping at the learning, building the skill level. 
Started last January, cast aside

The persistence needed in learning a skill is not easy.  As I type this, I am surrounded by piles of half-finished art quilts, all started as projects to showcase a new technique.  I had a discussion earlier today about finishing these abandoned projects.  I vaguely remember resolving in January of 2017 to get most of my UFOs (unfinished objects) done by the end of the year.  One year later, I am still contemplating the same UFOs, in the same state of being incomplete.  One solution that came up in the discussion was if another year goes by and the projects still are not finished, it is time to pitch them.  If I keep ignoring them, I'm not interested in them anymore, it is time to move on.
Two small pieces, in the embellishing stage, but I keep setting them aside.
Time to pitch them?  I'm not happy with these two.

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