Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pinning Down Pin Looms

Last week, I had to make a seven hour round trip in one day to pick up three pieces of my artwork, not exactly something I was all that happy about.  It is a trip I make on occasion, but I usually make the trip a several day visit, not just for business, but for friends as well.  There is an antiques mall at the halfway point between the two points that made my journey.  It is a perfect time to get out and stretch, and hopefully find something for my varied collections.  On my journey last week, halfway down the first row of showcases, I find this:

A set of vintage Weave-It pin looms!  One four inch square and one two inch square, in the original box, with the original needles.  No instructions, but I have a modern Zoom Loom that is nearly identical in design.  This little treasure made the long day worth while.  I certainly don't need anymore distractions from the various half finished projects that I have going, but I have of course been playing with my new "toys."

I had no problems using the Zoom Loom instructions on the vintage looms.  The two small squares in the upper left corner were done with Valdani #8 cotton, the rest with assorted fancy yarns.  Somewhere, I have a book on pin loom weaving, I need to find it.  More on that next time...

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