Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Abstract Expressionist Fabric Dyeing

The murky mess of just-dyed fabric that I mentioned in my post from June 29 turned into this:

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Two vintage damask tablecloths that I dyed in a technique that is influenced by the Abstract Expressionist paintings of Morris Louis.  (More information on Louis here.) I came up with this technique as a way to use up all of the dye at left over at the end of a session. 
I take two or three prepped tablecloths and spread them out in the driveway, stacking them to absorb all the dye.  Then I pull up an edge of the layered tablecloths, and pour one color down the ridge of the fold.  I move over a few inches, pull up another fold, pour another color, and repeat until all the colors are poured out.   

I don’t use my dyed tablecloths as table covers.  I cut them up for art quilts, and they are great for making garments as well.  I occasionally cut one into fat quarters to sell, but mostly I sell them as whole pieces for others to use creatively.


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