Thursday, May 14, 2015

New venture

I will be a vendor at a craft show at Deerassic Park Education Center/National Whitetail Deer Education Foundation on May 30.  I believe that the show is a fundraiser for their education programs.  The venue is near Cambridge, Ohio, across from the main entrance to Salt Fork State Park on Route 22. 

I've been planning on developing a art/craft show line of small, affordable finished items, useful things.  So far, I have a selection of small purses and whole lot of "picnic kits" - quilted placemats with side pockets for silverware.  The placemats roll up and tie into a neat bundle and tuck nicely into a picnic basket, backpack or lunch bag.  They would also be great for anyone who takes a lunch to work.  I might take a small selection of fabric cuts to the show, though the focus will be finished work.  I'll have some art wall hangings too.

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