Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fredericktown Quilters' Market

I had a bit of a milestone today in my little fiber arts business venture.  I had my debut as a vendor at a quilt show.  The event was a nice, small show in Fredericktown, OH.  I even managed to sell some things!  Thank you to those of you who made purchases from me, and thanks even more if you made it as far as to look up this blog.  I learned a lot from this first show, and I really appreciated talking to everyone who stopped by my table.  I received some good ideas on post topics, so please keep checking back.

Here is a view of my table:
The show was held in the multipurpose room of a high school; the Rachel's banner on the wall was NOT part of my set up.  Here's a bit of interesting trivia - apparently Fredericktown is where the iconic FFA (Future Farmers of America) jacket first appeared. 

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