Thursday, August 28, 2014

Getting Started

Welcome to my world!  This blog is one facet of a crazy idea I have to hopefully start my own business in the textile arts.  I will be making available my hand-dyed fabrics, art quilts and other textile art creations, and other findings.  I plan to use this platform to announce were and what I'll be selling, and discussion about things I am making. 

I have been sewing only since 2009, after watching the exploding art quilt movement, and wanting to learn some of the exciting techniques being developed.  I took a five-project learn to sew class series at a local fabric shop, joined a local art quilters' group, and since then I have been off and running.   Now, I feel that textile art/art quilting is my intended creative outlet.  I have so many ideas... I can't seem to sew fast enough to realize my ideas.  I am still mastering basics, trying to do something with fabric and thread each day, as one must continue to make things to improve.  For my creations, I am using mostly my own hand dyed fabric now.  I have a growing collection of vintage sewing machines, all of which I use for my textile art.  All of this I will expound upon in greater detail in the coming weeks and months.  Right now, I want to get back to some hand embroidery.

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