Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rainy Day Ramblings

One more thought about the Ohio Annual show, actually about juried shows with prizes as a whole...

I wonder if the criteria for the selection of prize winners is vastly different than the general selection of entries.  I'm sure that there are probably as many answers to that as shows and jurors, but I really would like to know what they are looking for.  It would help the entrants decide what shows are worth trying to get into for what they create.  Yes, I realize that the prospectus for each show sets certain parameters, but there are still many mysteries about the process, I think.  As I mentioned in the last past, I pay attention to any bits from jurors that reveal insight into the process.  Of course, understanding the selection criteria goes out the window when a show has to whittle 500 submissions into 50 acceptances.  I'm sure there's always a vast amount of worthy entries that don't get in just for lack of space, and not because they are not good.

Enough of the heavy stuff, I have pretty flowers blooming!  These are some hollyhocks that I started from seed last year for dyeing:

The plant on the left is a wild mullein, not useful for dyeing (not that I know of), but I like it, so it stays in my gardens.  I like the native wildflowers too.

I still have not ordered any silk for plant dyeing!  I had dreams of having lots of plant dyed fabrics for the quilt shows this year, but I have learned that it takes a whole lot of plant material to dye a fat quarter of fabric.  Add in the work of the whole dyed process, the expense of the fabric, and the cost of the finished product skyrockets.  I will have a few plant dyed fabrics available from time to time, it just won't be something that I will feature regularly.

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